How it Works

marketing agency vetting

Step 1 - External Evaluation

AgencySparks starts its vetting process by surveying people on the outside of the agency, including:

  • Current clients

  • Past clients

  • Clients that chose a different agency in a pitch process

Step 2 - Internal Evaluation

Next, AgencySparks surveys the employees currently working at the agency to understand how the internal dynamics of the agency are contributing to the perceptions uncovered in the external evaluation.   

marketing agency vetting

marketing agency vetting

Step 3 - Competitive Review

AgencySparks highlights several competitors to understand the landscape in which the agency operates and how the agency stacks up

Step 4 - SWOT Analysis

AgencySparks synthesizes the internal and external perspectives to outline the agency's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

marketing agency vetting

marketing agency vetting

Step 5 - Recommend based on core strengths

AgencySparks highlights areas where the agency does its best work, so that it can focus its service offerings. 

AgencySparks not only recommended an excellent agency partner... but they have also become a trusted go-to resource when it comes to marketing recommendations that can improve our business.
— Melissa Wilson | Marketing Director, ADAC