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Build out your Marketing Ecosystem

AgencySparks has been my secret weapon, helping build the strategy, business case, and process to find the right balance for our marketing agency ecosystem. The AgencySparks team really deserves a lot of credit in elevating my company’s brand and digital strategy to the next level.
— Andrew Chang, Executive Director of Marketing, Piedmont Healthcare

Find Agencies outside of your network

Marketing Agency Selection

By utilizing AgencySparks, you gain access to our network of vetted marketing agencies that are best of breed in a single discipline. Agencies pay to work with us so there is no fee for brands.

Agency Vetting/Review

Through our Marketing Readiness Reports, we have vetted each of our agency partners. We can also vet agencies on your behalf, helping you to narrow down your pool to a more manageable set.

Select the Best marketing agency for your needs

Request for Proposal (RFP) Development

With over 20 years of experience serving as a liaison between clients and agencies, we understand how to communicate and set clear expectations for both parties. In turn, this leads to better quality work and stronger relationships between agencies and clients.


The wrong compensation agreement can undermine a great working relationship. We're in this to help both parties achieve long-lasting synergy by starting out the agency-client relationship on the right foot.

Build out your Marketing Ecosystem

Talent Placement

AgencySparks is connected to some of the finest marketers in the country. We're happy to connect you with marketing talent across all levels of experience to assist you in filling an open marketing position.

Marketing Ecosystem Planning

Optimize your organizational efficiency and get your business case approved. We can help you analyze your organization, audiences, and marketing needs to build a compelling business case to present to leadership.