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Marketing Diagnostic

Price: $5,000.00

Give your clients and employees a voice while uncovering insights about what's impeding your agency's growth. 

  • Uncover hidden truths about your agency

  • Differentiate your agency from the competition

  • Position your agency for growth

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Report contents

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Current & Former Client Interviews

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Lost Pitch Interviews

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Staff Interviews

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Agency Scorecard

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Competitor analysis

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Advice & recommendations

Javier Santana - Marketing Agency Vetting Process Testimonial

The Marketing Readiness Report™ was a game changer for our agency. It gave our employees a voice, showed our clients that we care about their feedback, and helped us understand the REAL reasons why we didn't win a major pitch. Any agency could find value in the AgencySparks vetting process.

Javier Santana | Co-Founder, Launch