We'll help you find your perfect Match.

Watch as these marketers find a different kind of Valentine.


AgencySparks takes the hassle out of finding reputable, specialist marketing agencies. We're your no-nonsense advisor that will connect you to the best agency for your marketing needs. 


Real marketers. Real Connections. 

We're AgencySparks. In essence, we are like a dating service for brands and specialist marketing agencies focused on being best-of-breed in a single discipline, such as Web Design/UX, Influencer Marketing/Social Media, Mobile Experience, Video, PR/Cause Marketing, Creative, Multicultural/Hispanic, or Analytics/SEO/Paid Search. No one agency is great at everything, so we work with experts focused on being the best.

We listen to your unique marketing challenges, then recommend a marketing agency that can help you solve problems at no cost to you.

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