Most marketing and advertising agencies spend more time chasing RFPs (requests for proposals) and referrals from existing clients instead of proactively reaching out to prospective clients. 

We are focused on making introductions to senior-level marketers on behalf of our agency clients, which can lead to new business opportunities. In short we are like a dating service for brands and specialist marketing agencies.

Many of the services we offer are customizable to fit your specific business needs, but they typically fall into one of the following three categories:

Marketing Readiness Report™

The Marketing Readiness Report™ is an in-depth evaluation of current agency services, staff, clients, marketing tools, competitive landscape, and prospects. The final report can enable the AgencySparks team to represent the agency offerings and team properly, but it also serves as a guide for the agency’s marketing activities and ultimately, success. The inputs include interviews with clients (current, past, and lost in a pitch) and staff. The outputs include an in-person presentation and extensive report that outlines feedback from clients and staff; agency strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; competitive review; and recommended advice/next steps.

Sustainable Pipeline Process™

AgencySparks’ Sustainable Pipeline Process™ leverages long-standing relationships with brand marketers, as well as a deep understanding of marketing technology tools and processes old-fashioned hard work, to build a sustainable new business pipeline. AgencySparks helps agencies develop sales funnels that will lead to the acquisition of new clients.  Our tactics include: marketing automation, targeted outreach (with customized messaging), events, content marketing, and leveraging our networks. The results? Introductions to marketers looking for help from agencies.

Business Development and Marketing Consulting

Agencies often need help with more than just an introduction to potential prospects. AgencySparks offers sales training, pitch preparation, content creation, social media consulting, public speaking, marketing materials development, thought leadership, and more, to help our partner agencies win new business.

AgencySparks helped us connect with a broad spectrum of great brands that were in need of our services. The Marketing Readiness Report was a wonderful process that delivered good insight about how we are perceived and how we were valued by our clients.
— Vicky Jones, CEO, Brand Fever