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AgencySparks ignites relationships between marketers and specialist marketing agencies.

Helping Marketing Agencies Grow


Marketing agencies share the same challenges. AgencySparks helps solve them.

Leveraging 25+ years of sales and marketing experience alongside 10+ years connecting brands with agencies, AgencySparks is uniquely positioned to help agencies grow.

AgencySparks service offerings for marketing agencies:

How to differentiate my marketing agency

The Problem
Struggle to Stand out

Agencies' messaging is rarely unique from the other 120,000 agencies in the US.


How to increase client and employee retention

The Problem
Client and Employee Retention

Agencies don't understand what clients and staff REALLY think about strengths and weaknesses.


marketing agency Business development help

The Problem
Over-reliance on referrals

Agencies struggle to grow beyond referrals from "friends of the agency."


Marketing Diagnostic

Evaluates client-facing communication, including the agency website, social media, outbound email, capabilities deck, and pitch decks


Refine & Elevate Agency Messaging

The Marketing Diagnostic uncovers the shortcomings of the agency’s client-facing messaging and provides data-driven recommendations on how the agency can differentiate itself in the marketplace without compromising its core identity.

How can marketing agencies reach brands more effectively?


Does the agency messaging give prospects what they are looking for?

Optimize marketing agency website for client acquisiton


Is the agency marketing content missing fundamental elements?

Marketing agency values and purpose


Does the communication consistently match the agency core identity?

Build a marketing agency’s brand.


Does the agency stand out from other similar agencies?


"The Marketing Diagnostic was way more detailed than I could have ever imagined. In practice, it identified specific details that we've overlooked forever and helped us prioritize. In effect, it motivated our team to treat [our agency] like a client...and to take action."

Agency Leader


Improve marketing agency messaging


Examine every element of the agency’s messaging.

  Website   Capabilities Decks
  Social Media   Email Outreach
  Pitch Decks


How it works

Marketing Diagnostic Process

upload agency marketing materials

Step 1

Upload Marketing Materials
Upload agency capabilities deck, pitch deck, and sample outbound emails.

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Complete Agency Questionnaire
Tell us about the agency.

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Step 3

Schedule Presentation
Explore results, recommendations, and analyses from the final report.

Agency Assessment

Uncovers the reality of how the agency is perceived by key staff and current/past clients


For clients and employees, perception is reality.

agencyassessmentArtboard 13output.png

It is 5x more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

3outof4Artboard 9output.png

3 in 4 agency leaders cite agency growth as their #1 challenge.

agencyassessmentArtboard 13 copyoutput.png

Agency employee turnover rate is approximately 30% - second only to the tourism industry.

Client Relationships

Secure and strengthen client relationships

Gives clients an opportunity to express needs and concerns allowing the agency to strengthen the relationship and promote loyalty. This process includes interviews with current clients, past clients, and potential clients that did not select the agency.

"Most agencies have a stuffy, 'I'm-smarter-than-you' attitude. The fact that [my agency] took the time to ask me for my opinion showed me that they valued our partnership."


STUFFArtboard 2output.png

Team Dynamics

Safeguard agency culture

Provides leaders, key staff, and new team members a platform to deliver anonymous feedback, so the agency can improve retention.

"The Agency Assessment opened up insights about our employees and customers we had not yet discovered. Having this feedback from both our internal and external stakeholders is immensely valuable. We're thankful to have AgencySparks as a partner."

Javier Santana | Co-Founder, Launch


Develop agency growth strategy

Synthesizes internal and external feedback into actionable insights and recommendations for growth.

"AgencySparks saved me hours of research since I know they have spent significant time upfront to vet each of their agency partners."

Brenda Richelt | Georgia-Pacific Professional

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How it works

Agency Assessment Process

newiconsArtboard 21blck.png

Step 1

Submit Startup Documents
Tell us about the agency and connect AgencySparks with the right staff and agency contacts.

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Step 2

AgencySparks conducts interviews with current clients, past clients, lost pitch clients, and key staff.

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Step 3

Presentation & Findings
Explore results, recommendations, and analyses from the final report.


Sustainable Pipeline

Introduces the agency to established brands


Finding clients is the #1 challenge for agencies.

Agencies depend on referrals for growth, but referrals are not scalable.

Finding the right partnership is 50% about chemistry and 50% about capability. For less than the annual salary of a junior employee, AgencySparks connects agencies with established brands with chemistry and capability in mind.

Over 400 Introductions Made

AgencySparks drives agency growth

Client-side marketers look to AgencySparks as a trusted resource to help them find their next agency partner. We help agencies connect with those opportunities through:

  Monthly introductions to brands with needs

  Invitations to exclusive quarterly events with senior marketers

  Boosting agency awareness through AgencySparks content channels

How it works

Sustainable Pipeline Process

STUFFArtboard 5output.png

Step 1

Agency Assessment
Prerequisite for the Sustainable Pipeline.

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Step 2

Kickoff Meeting
Joint planning session for outreach.

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Step 3

Connect with Opportunities
One introduction per month to an established brand.