Meet MaxMedia

"In the experience economy, memory is the product."

MaxMedia combines creativity and technology to move people at a deeper level—bonding them to places, ideas, and brands. They deliver provocative content and interactive experiences on screens of all sizes, in every type of environment. Their in-house team includes creatives, strategists, editors, designers, developers, technical advisors and marketers who deliver great stories and smart design, all built to grow their clients’ businesses.

Key strengths of MaxMedia


  • Strategic insight, great storytelling and smart design

  • Experiences on screens of all sizes: desktop, mobile, in store, live events

  • Executing high-end live action, motion graphics, and 3D animation

  • Leveraging interactive content to educate customers

  • Increasing engagement and creating spectacle in public spaces

  • Manipulating live data to generate topical video content

  • Utilizing VR and AR for immersive storytelling

maxmedia - experience design marketing agency infographic

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