Honesty in a BOttle

Putting Americans to the Test

The Challenge:

Raise Brand Awareness of Honest Tea in Key Market

Stand Out in a Very Crowded Category

 Gain Extensive Media Coverage Through a Light Hearted Social Experiment

Generate National Media Coverage, Secure Coverage in All 50 States

The Creaxion Solution – The Total Team Approach™

 All Hands on Deck for An All-Out Media Assault for 36 Days

 Tailored Approach to Pitching National, Regional, Local Media

 Created Refreshing Positive Story in Negative News Cycle

 Feature Company "TEO" as Ambassador of Honesty in America

The Results

755+ Media Hits, More than 30 National

Coverage in 118 Cities Across all 50 States

73 Million Total Media Impressions, Generating $2.6 Million in Advertising Value

13.9 Million Social Impressions Generated From 62,278 Interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Key Coverage