How do you get people to listen to nature?

By giving nature a voice.

The Challenge:

• Raise Brand Awareness of Conservation International (CI) Through its Nature is Speaking Environmental Awareness Campaign

• Utilize A-list Celebrity Voiced Film Series to Generate Wave of Media Interest and Coverage

• Create a Drumbeat of Social and Digital Engagement

• Stand Out in a Cluttered Environmental Landscape

The Creaxion Solution: “Stop. Listen. Share.”

• 12- Week Publicity and Social Engagement Campaign

 National Media Tour Featuring Socially Connected Celebrity and CI Executive

• Utilize Million Dollar #NatureIsSpeaking Hashtag to Raise Awareness and Money 

The Results

• Generated More than 260 Media Hits with a Potential Reach of 500 Million People

• 500,000+ Shares of the #NatureIsSpeaking Hashtag Raising $500,000 Through HP Sponsored Partnership

 Increased CI Brand Awareness by 4%

 • Nature Is Speaking Became Trending Topic on Twitter Within Minutes of Campaign Launch

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