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Game of Thrones: A Case Study on Marketing to Millennials

If there’s a case study in how to create a comprehensive marketing strategy for a specific generation - that case study is Game of Thrones.  

Think about it. This premium cable television show - which has over 30 main characters and takes place in an alternate fantasy universe with magic and dragons - executes the driving principles behind UX, authenticity, community building, digital marketing, storytelling, personalization, and more in its millennial-focused marketing strategy. So, what lessons can marketers learn from Game of Thrones?

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How to Avoid Insensitivity in Marketing

Marketing in a multicultural landscape is inherently difficult. With so many perspectives to consider, brands often miss the mark in marketing campaigns.

Besides, offending consumers leads to hefty costs dealing with social media backlash, public relation nightmares, a decrease in followers, and loss of brand credibility and loyalty.

How can brand marketers avoid cultural insensitivity in campaign advertising?

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5 Things Clients Wish Agencies Knew

The agency-client relationship is tricky - while some agencies dream big with grandiose ideas for executing a project or campaign, a brand may be constrained by strict guidelines and a limited budget. The absence of communication leads to a tense business relationship, and, potentially, a break-up.

Strong relationships are maintained by constant conversations about objectives and expectations. Here are 5 things clients wish their agency partners knew…

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5 Things Agencies Wish Clients Knew

The agency-client relationship is a two-way street that requires constant effort and a deep understanding of the other party. The best agency-client relationships have a healthy commitment to teamwork, communication, and the overall success of a project or marketing initiative. Sometimes it is difficult to see the operating reality of the other partner…That’s why AgencySparks spoke with several agency partners to gather their perspective on what they wish their clients knew.

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The Role of a Marketing Intern

When it comes to the summer season, marketing students look for full-time jobs or internship opportunities...and companies methodically craft their job descriptions with hopes of attracting top talent.

What qualities make up a good intern candidate? How does a company simplify the search and interview process? There is so much to consider when looking for an intern prospect…let AgencySparks guide you.

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The Different Types of Marketing Agencies

There are a number of paths a marketing executive can take when determining who and what will guide a marketing strategy. Choosing a marketing agency partner can depend on multiple variables including team capacity, capability, and situation. Though the rapid growth and evolution of marketing has blurred the lines of different “agency” types, it's still helpful to note the key differences between them.

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B2B and B2C, but this time, it’s Personal

Business to Consumer brands (B2C) have always benefited from taking a humanistic approach to marketing, while Business to Business (B2B) brands seem more impersonal, dry, and buttoned up. The spike in automation and behavioral, social, and mobile data, however, has influenced how brands communicate with consumers. Now, the line between the B2B and B2C is beginning to blur.

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Super Bowl 2019: Brands Defending Their Home Turf

The last time there was a battle near Atlanta, the city ended up in flames. This time, a blue wave washed over Atlanta for the Super Bowl LIII weekend. In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Pepsi took over Coca-Cola’s turf, along with other foes to Atlanta-native brands, made their presence known.

How does a brand respond to such monstrosities? When their hometown, their sanctuary, is quickly overtaken by competitors?

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Marketing Tactics on the Chopping Block in 2019

Marketing is constantly evolving. In the past, keywords, SEO, experiential, AR/VR technology, live video, and social platforms have turned marketers’ heads. Now, marketers are trying to implement more and more voice search technology as it grows in popularity.

Each year brings some new invention that reshapes the marketing world. Marketers need to willingly evolve their marketing strategy as their priorities shift and technology evolves. Based on trends and performances in 2018, here are three marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2019.

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The Different Roles within Marketing Agency Departments

Just like how a marching band has multiple sections to sound good, a marketing agency has multiple departments to function properly. Navigating the different roles and purposes of each department can get confusing and overwhelming, however.

Here is a simple breakdown of some typical agency departments (and the roles within) for those interested in working in/for a marketing or advertising agency.

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