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#MarketersToolbox - Podcast Tools for Marketers

Everyone and their mother might as well have one. The popularity and exposure is exactly why some brands may benefit from adding podcasts to their content marketing. Podcasts allow users to share their expertise, form connections with guests to expand their network, add personality and actual “brand voice” to a brand, and offer a convenient form of media to followers. If a podcast is high quality, offering value to the listener, and marketed well, it will be successful.

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#MarketersToolbox - Creative Tools to Add to Your Belt

Everywhere you look there are award-winning tools that take the cake in helping creatives edit, create, and design graphic work…and then there are the little guys who may not be as “advanced” feature-wise but are just as effective.

With so many creative tools to choose from, we’ve selected a handful of free tools that are useful for minute, day-to-day tasks - check them out!

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#MarketersToolbox - Top 5 Social Media Management Tools

Over the past few years AgencySparks has collected and reviewed marketing tools in a number of  categories. From tools that help benefit social media efforts to tools that increase productivity, AgencySparks is on the case to help improve your life as a marketer.

With so many social media management tools to choose from, we’ve selected and reviewed a handful of stand-outs for you to consider!

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