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#MarketersToolbox - Infographic Design Tools

Content marketing is becoming more and more important to gain organic reach, credibility, and audience engagement. Whether it’s social media, video, graphic, or blog copywriting, content creation is valuable to any marketing strategy. Infographics visually captivate, entertain, and educate the audience. In fact, people retain visual content more often than written. Here is a list of infographic tools to improve any level designer’s output.

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#MarketersToolbox - Podcast Tools for Marketers

Everyone and their mother might as well have one. The popularity and exposure is exactly why some brands may benefit from adding podcasts to their content marketing. Podcasts allow users to share their expertise, form connections with guests to expand their network, add personality and actual “brand voice” to a brand, and offer a convenient form of media to followers. If a podcast is high quality, offering value to the listener, and marketed well, it will be successful.

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