Note: The Marketer’s Toolbox series teaches our readers about new technology we’re using (or experimenting with) that  is useful, productive, or entertaining. As a marketer’s secret weapon, the tools AgencySparks uses are vital to our success, thus, a marketer’s toolbox is truly one of our most important resources.

Marketers Toolbox: Zapier

It is tempting to use every new marketing application that is released, but the tools that are supposed to make jobs easier can quickly become a hindrance.

Zapier connects common apps in automated workflows removing the use of redundant apps thus allowing administrative busy work to become a thing of the past. With a few clicks, web apps connect to share data automatically. Zapier also provides a simple self set-up that does not require user coding.

How Zaps connects every day applications. 


Zapier tool pricing options: free versus premium selections. 

Zapier seeks to remove busywork by automating administrative tasks up to 750 commonly used applications.


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