Today is officially AgencySparks very first anniversary! 

Here is the blog post that our CEO, Joe Koufman, wrote in February 2, 2014 announcing the company launch and the story of how AgencySparks was born.

One year is a big milestone for any company – and that goes doubly for us, a unique business focused on igniting relationships marketers and specialist agencies. 

Today, we want to share a bit of perspective on what we've done over the past twelve months: 

  • We have worked with 13 agencies - some on our Marketing Readiness Report™ and Sustainable Pipeline Process™, and some with our Business Development Consulting.
  • The agencies that we are helping with business development have closed 10 deals from leads we have generated.
  • Our network agencies have sent out 27 proposals to the 88 potential clients to whom we have made introductions.
  • We have helped several agencies with pitch strategy/response.
  • AgencySparks was mentioned in the Atlanta Business Chronicle along with a quote from Joe.
  • We hosted our first AgencySparks' Marketer Networking Lunch, and it was a stunning success. Marketers and agencies were able to mingle and connect in a relaxed environment.
  • We got a new and improved logo! 
Old AgencySparks Logo

Old AgencySparks Logo

NEW AgencySparks logo

NEW AgencySparks logo

To celebrate the completion of our first year in business, we want to announce that WE HAVE A SHINY NEW WEBSITE! We think our friends at Bright Fox Agency did a great job, we absolutely love it. Click around and give us your feedback!

Old AgencySparks website. Big improvement, eh?

Old AgencySparks website. Big improvement, eh?

Our sincerest gratitude for your support in this milestone of ours. We've built a lot of great relationships already, and we're looking forward to strengthening them even further! Thanks for making AgencySparks a special company!  


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