Alternatives to the RFP Process

Most of the time, companies view the Request for Proposal (RFP) as the only option for seeking help with a marketing project, program, or initiative. RFPs are not the only solution and can often be a waste of time, money, resources, and effort for both clients and agencies.

Clients want solutions to problems but, more often than not, the RFP does not provide answers to the difficult problems the client faces. Consider the multiple alternatives to the RFP Process before jumping in…

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The Five Marketing Agency Compensation Models for Brands

If a brand is considering hiring a marketing agency, it is important to set aside appropriate budget. Depending on the scope of needs, some financial plans are more necessary than others but, ultimately, it is up to the client and agency to decide how they will price fees during their agency-client partnership. Read more about the pros and cons of different compensation models in the agency-client relationship.

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Marketers Toolbox - Sprout Social VS Buffer

Buffer and Sprout Social are social media marketing and management platforms. It is important to evaluate a company’s goals and strategy before selecting a tool to manage social media efforts. This post compares the pricing, features, and user friendliness - giving a brief analysis and recommendation to marketers.

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#MarketersBreakfast - Unlocking the Secrets of the Agency-Client Relationship

AgencySparks is dedicated to connecting established brands with exceptional marketing agencies. Each quarter, AgencySparks hosts a #MarketersBreakfast that facilitates mixing and mingling between the two and encourages discussion about relevant marketing trends.

This particular breakfast was unique in that AgencySparks CEO, Joe Koufman, presented the results of a Marketing Relationship Survey that AgencySparks has been conducting since early May to understand marketers’ relationships with their agencies. Continue reading for the key insights…

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Marketers Toolbox - Talkus

Talkus provides the support and attention consumers crave from customer support. Every direct external communication channel is connected to the user’s Slack so that the employee can use it as an internal communications tool in addition to responding to and communicating with website visitors.

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