#MarketersBreakfast - Cultivating Quality Marketing Talent

It’s a tight talent market. Cultivating talent is a struggle all too familiar to marketers in every industry. More than ever, hiring managers are facing tight hiring timelines, loss of quality candidates to competitive salaries/benefits packages, and candidates “ghosting” companies during the interview process. Needless to say, the finding that perfect fit is not an easy task.

To address this concern, AgencySparks hosted our quarterly #MarketersBreakfast at the Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center to discuss solutions and recommendations to marketing leaders. Read what marketing leaders had to say…

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How to Evaluate Your Agency Partner’s Performance

The average agency-client relationship lasts less than three years. Agency “breakups” generally happen when an advertising agency fails to communicate, respond, or provide results to their clients. However, sometimes clients stay with an underperforming agency. This is because hiring a new agency is a labor-intensive (and sometimes costly) process that involves countless pitches, endless planning, and tedious RFPs.

How can marketing leaders most effectively navigate evaluating their agency partners?

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SEO Tips for 2019

In 2019, marketers can no longer rely on outdated SEO strategies like keyword stuffing (artificially inflating keyword density), exact match domains, backlinking, or uploading different pages for every keyword variation to increase organic traffic and SERP (search engine results page) ranking.

Since there is an influx of new SEO marketing strategies every year, Senior SEO Manager, Doug Cooper, from the SEO experts at Swarm Agency, highlighted the essential search engine tips and tricks to help marketers’ content shine in 2019.

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Game of Thrones: A Case Study on Marketing to Millennials

If there’s a case study in how to create a comprehensive marketing strategy for a specific generation - that case study is Game of Thrones.  

Think about it. This premium cable television show - which has over 30 main characters and takes place in an alternate fantasy universe with magic and dragons - executes the driving principles behind UX, authenticity, community building, digital marketing, storytelling, personalization, and more in its millennial-focused marketing strategy. So, what lessons can marketers learn from Game of Thrones?

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How to Avoid Insensitivity in Marketing

Marketing in a multicultural landscape is inherently difficult. With so many perspectives to consider, brands often miss the mark in marketing campaigns.

Besides, offending consumers leads to hefty costs dealing with social media backlash, public relation nightmares, a decrease in followers, and loss of brand credibility and loyalty.

How can brand marketers avoid cultural insensitivity in campaign advertising?

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