What’s Old Is New Again - Reviving Legacy Brands

In nature, if an animal does not adapt, it becomes extinct. As technology and consumer behaviors continue to evolve in the marketing industry, brands are challenged to adapt to survive.

Brands like Lego or IHOP must innovate to better tell their brand story or reform their entire look and feel, or product to become more relevant to modern day consumers.

How do legacy brands overcome challenges to stay relevant?

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Marketing Mysteries Uncovered for Generation Z

Move over millennials, Generation Z has taken flight and, by 2020, will be half the population with 40% of the purchasing power. At the risk of falling behind, marketers must learn everything that is important about the powerful consumer that is Generation Z.

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Marketers Toolbox - Guru

Guru is a management tool that helps teams stay informed, productive, and organized. Any marketing team looking to streamline communication processes and align strategy could benefit from this tool.

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Pairing Technology with Marketing Strategy to "Activate" Growth

Good, ethical marketers do exist. They are the innovators who strive to fulfill consumers’ needs. Last week, many of the good marketers came together in Chicago at the first ever ActiveCampaign Activate Conference.

Over the course of the Activate, impressive speakers with prestigious backgrounds inspired me to be a better marketer. I could write at least ten blogs on the lessons I took away.

At its core, the conference was all about how to activate company growth by pairing technology with marketing strategy. In today’s cluttered, chaotic marketing landscape, the playing field is finally level. The little guys can outshine the big guys if they’re smart… and that’s an exciting prospect.

To illustrate the lessons I learned from Activate, I’ll need to borrow an equation from Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and author of Everybody Writes to tie together my takeaways from each speaker:

Data x Listening X Instinct = YASSSSSS

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The Importance of Communicating the CMO Role to the C-suite

Remember Mad Men? Well, it’s time to forget it because CMOs no longer rely on “gut feeling.” Since data is more accessible and consumers are at the forefront of decision making, the role of CMO is more important than ever before. The CMOs’ understanding of consumer data and interpretation of analytics makes the Chief Marketing Officer one of the most vital members in the Chief Executive Suite.

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Marketers Must Provide Value, Not Just Emotional Ads

Humans are emotional beings and, often, feelings can outweigh rational thought. That’s why marketers have historically turned to emotional manipulation tactics when crafting an advertising message. Marketers are familiar with using storytelling to elicit an emotional response, however, consumers are becoming more savvy - they want more than just a story... 

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