Agency Scorecard | Template for the Agency Selection Process

An effective performance appraisal process for potential advertising agency partners is essential to ensuring a long-term fit for your business’ marketing goals. When designing these scorecards, AgencySparks partnered with major brands - combining their actual scorecards/corporate policies for both selection and evaluation with our extensive experience working within the agency-client relationship - to create the most comprehensive marketing agency selection scorecard template.

This workbook was created to guide brands through an important agency performance evaluation process: selecting a new agency partner.

Looking for an agency evaluation scorecard for your existing agency partners? Click here for our agency performance assessment scorecard.

Template For agency pitches/RFP Responses

Agency Selection Scorecard

This agency selection tool can act as an agency RFP scorecard or be used during an actual agency pitch/presentation.

Evaluate potential partners based on:

  • Pitch/Proposed Solutions

  • Partnership Potential

  • Cost

  • Experience

  • Capabilities

AgencySparks can help your brand or business find a marketing company across any discipline:

  • Influencer marketing

  • Digital strategy

  • Content creation / content marketing

  • Full-service digital marketing agency

  • Traditional advertising

  • Public relations

  • Multi-channel marketing agency specialists

  • Experiential

  • Full-service marketing

  • Web design

  • SEO / online marketing

  • Mobile marketing

  • Multicultural

  • Social media

  • User Experience

  • Creative

  • CRM

  • Reputation management

  • Video marketing

  • Pay-per-click marketing

  • Analytics